Our Purpose

Early childhood years are the most important in a child’s life.

Our Vision

“Each child is a world, the world is in our hands, and we can make a world of difference!” We envision a free, safe, productive, and ethical future permeating the fabric of society. We hope to raise the quality of education for children and families in our world, and improve the world we are delivering to our children.

Our Mission

Little Learners Care is committed to preparing young children for school and life readiness. Our safe, warm, and nurturing learning environment will promote a life-long appreciation of learning through emphasis on the joys of discovery and reflection, and the empowerment of choice. It is our goal to ensure each child gains the skills necessary to construct their own knowledge and desires to construct a better world.

We Believe

Each child is a seed. Just as the sun provides warmth, the rain provides water and the soil provides the nutrients to feed and nurture each seed, thereby cultivating the seed into its potential bloom, we believe we must provide the nourishing and responsive environment to cultivate fulfillment of each child’s individual qualities and abilities, and then marvel as they bloom!.


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About Us

Our company History

  • May 2009

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Techer Kamola, a language professor from the University of Languages in Tashkent, Uzbekistan migrated to the United States in 2009. Through her ability to teach and her love for children, she began taking child development courses at Mission College while simultaneously working for a Child Care Center.

  • March 2016

    An Agency is Born

    After finishing all the required courses in Child Psychology and Child Development, Little Learners Care opened its doors in 2016 as means to provide a safe and loving environment where children can learn and grow happy.

  • July 2018

    The Operation Grew

    Little Learners Daycare started with just a few kids, but throughout time, demand grew. Teacher Kamola increased the number of children while renovating the daycare to provide a fun and safe place for kids.

  • October 2019

    Phase Two Expansion

    Little Learners Care is already working on opening another branch! Having such demand and so many kids on a waiting list, we are currently planing to open another daycare in the next few months. We will keep you posted and thank you so much for all the support!

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Our Amazing Team

We provide children essential tools for life!

Teacher Kamola

Child Development

Teacher Lety

Child Development

Diana Pertersen

Toddler Development

We provide an environment in which each child has the opportunity to progress at his/her own level of development. We maintain a happy, pleasant atmosphere where the child can absorb information and find joy in learning.

Although I'm not their mother I care for them each day, I cuddle, sing and read to them And watch them as they play. I see each new accomplishment, I help them grow and learn. I understand their language, I listen with concern. They come to me for comfort, And I kiss away their tears. They proudly show their work to me, I give the loudest cheers! No, I 'm not their mother, But my role is just as strong. I nurture them and keep them safe, Though maybe not for long. I know someday the time will come, When we will have to part. But I know each child I cared for, Is forever in my heart!